Pricing your Sweets with Ease!

Pricing your Sweets with Ease!

This episode list the 3 keys to achieve success and help you price all of your sweets with ease. 

In order to keep the episode short, sweet and still packed with value, I have taken the liberty to create an instructional guide as well as worksheet for you to be able to apply the keys in your business and start to create pricing with ease.

You can get your copy of this episodes notes & workbook at

Have a sweet day, 
Chef Letty

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How To Start A Cake Business From Home

How to Start A Cake Business From Home

This episode is loaded with 10 proven business tips that helped me Start A Cake Business From Home, which then made me enough money to help me open my first store front. Although this episode was created with bakers in mind, the actual tips can be applied to any creative business you want to start from home.

I took the liberty to take some detailed notes and also created a simple workbook to help you implement the strategies in the notes.  Click website link, then click Podcast Episode 1 Notes to get your copy.

Thanks for tuning in, I hope my experience and insight helps you reach your dreams a little faster.

Chef Alvarez

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